Sounding great but... [fixed] even before I posted [doh]

… very slow lcd update. Shruthi 1 SMR 4 MK I era kit.

Can you post a video? Do you see the characters being redrawn one by one (which might indicate a problem with the MCU running at an incorrect frequency - though this would also affect MIDI reception)? Or is it just the remanence of the screen (which can be adjusted by the contrast trimmer)?

Slow LCD?

Are you sure your ATMega is flashed right? if it isn’t then it will use the internal clock which is slow. But I would expect the synth to not work correct if that was the case?

Also, do you refer to the refresh of numbers while you turn a knob (which should happen at close to 200 Hz and is indeed limited by the response of the LCD itself), or the refresh from page to page (I think a full page redraw happens over a 40ms timespan).

Do movies in theaters (at 24fps) make you sick? I am asking because I know people who have “fast” eyes and who can notice PWM on LEDs or refresh cycles on 7-segment displays, are you one of them? If this is the case, upgrading your LCD to an OLED might be a solution…

Okay I promise to do more research before I post in the future. Getting too ‘antsy’ (nervous excitement style rushing) at the moments that count. Remanence it is. Nothing fast about my eyes other than their impatience to see me having ‘got things right’ for once!

Truly great kit, really easy build once I got round to it (I stared at it for a week before leaving it in a drawer for a year…) , even with my inclination to see disaster in the face of triumph…

Loving it, expect more orders…

great! and what was it?