Soundcloud groups

Hi all,

I have created a few soundcloud groups:

Please populate them with tracks involving your weapon of choice! Warning: I am going to host soundcloud playlists for this group somewhere on the MI site to provide “musical” audio demos.

I created the original MI SC group back in the day. Did I make you an admin? I think I did, do with it as you will…

Do you want nicely produced and sequenced tracks using each device exclusively, rather than the random warblings of a madman, which is all I have on my soundcloud so far?

Only sounds of the beasts ? or can I put some boomtrapped tracks ?

The goal is to have a place to which I can point people who wants to hear the Shruthi “in context” - so heavily processed tracks or tracks not featuring MI products are not really the right place…

I suppose that basically, toneburst’s last “anushri jams” are typical candidates.

can you remove tracks if you think they don’t serve the showcase purpose so well?

would make sense to have a moderated group, so one can filter things out

when i upload a track i may like it and it may be a demo of the device, but i’m not always so certain about that’s what’s supposed to be in there then. would be good if there’s a way to clean it then without having to wait till for example i do it myself upon request. noise, for example can be annoying to some…

i’ve just checked and i can easily delete the following group:

let me know.

Just shared my Anushri jams. I’m not sure about sharing my Ambika demos, because they’re just that really- demos, not in any way full tracks.


@toneburst. Do it! Mine is just that too.

well if I may add my 2 cents: think it doesn’t make sense to keep too many MI soundcloud groups active, so I’d delete the old one. It makes sense to have one for each instrument though.

I do think it makes sense to have another group for full tracks that incorporate (but aren’t necessarily made entirely using) Mutable Instruments products though. I don’t have anything to contribute to such a group at the moment, unfortunately, but the presence of such a group might spur me on to actually make some music, finally…


you got a point there Alex. and as long as it doesn’t cost oootini bandwidth or something, doesn’t hurt to have a more general ‘user group’ available.

it’s soundcloud, doesn’t cost me a peep. all i did was create a group and selected to publish it :slight_smile:

it’ll stay up until i hear otherwise…

yeah I agree you have a point. the three instrument specific groups are more for tracks that really showcase what the things can do and how they sound.

Time to make some tracks :slight_smile:


yeah and as you go, please let me use them in my 8tracks mix. Right now I only 5 tracks and I know we can do better than that!