Soundcloud Beta!

Wow! If you haven’t seen the new Soundcloud, you haven’t seen anything. Go there now and accept the invitation to their new UI beta!

It’s beautiful!

You’re right, it’s amazing.

Activate the new (beta) interface by entering here:

I like the way it looks. Sound is the same. I can’t find my stats though, and sets are mixed up with tracks. The sets appear as one long track with each waveform joined end to end. Kind of cool but also a bit more difficult to navigate… They’ll sort it out, I’m sure…

they are doing a limited-access beta thing, so you can’t just activate it…

You’re right, it seems that they have decided to offer the beta just to a limited number of users.

Smart move, if something fails, only a few will complain :slight_smile:

Unfortunately some people don’t seem to understand that beta = bugs.

There’s been loads of idiots installing beta versions of Apple’s iOS and then rating apps down on the app store because they don’t work with the beta.

While I was writing my previous comment, I was thinking about it: Lots of media are eagerly waiting for bugs, so that they can write the completely non exaggerated and not taken out of proportion article about the web service or program of the moment.

iOS, Android, Flash Player (oh boy, they love this one, Google Chrome and… Linux) They have more fun when it’s open source or solid as a rock 99’99% of the time.

Soundcloud beta has problems? Let’s destroy it!

Building a good reputation needs lots of years of hard work, while to lose it, you need just a few minutes and a merciless blogger or journalist…

And very often it happens that you see that the same people that complains about iOS lack of safety probably uses an obsolete desktop OS like Windows XP, without having a single worry about it.

the party is full.
so sad.
hahaha i’m sure it won’t take long

now the party is open for everyone! Seems like a nice upgrade so far (though not everything is available in the new design yet).
I only miss two things:

  • a quick way to see the description of a track in the stream, without having to open the track (though at least now sound does not stop when you go to a different page)
  • a way to physically hurt the thousands of people who keep spamming me with their crap music and only want to have attention but don’t give anything back.

I miss stream genre tags too

just listening to a track of yours, papernoise. great one (Revolving Agitator)

not sure i like the new look, it all seems quite busy on the page. i guess i’ll just get used to it…

keep in mind that it’s just a beta and a lot of features are still missing. Personally I think there is good and bad aspects to it… but it’s too early to judge.

@rosch: thanks a lot! It’s made mostly with the Shuthi-1 btw! There is the NES bass preset in several places, another bass sound I’ve made and the spacey-theremin-like leads both were made with the dual SVF.

Listen to what Soundcloud brought me this morning! God I love this… sometimes I am overwhelmed by the music people make…

We don’t share enough music here, although we talk about it a lot. If you do one thing today, listen to this.

@titus meh, didn’t like it… Isn’t it wonderful how people can like different things though? -I urge everyone to listen to it anyways, maybe you’ll like it ^^

As for the soundcloud beta, it’s closed again :frowning:

does anybody know Amon Tobin?

Yes rosch, he’s on my follow list. Good stuff.

oh man, amon tobin! That brings me back to when my roommate and I would sneak onto the roof of The Alley with foldup chairs, a case of beer and a cd player and listen to IDM all night and get drunk. This was back when that neck of Chicago was littered with tranny prostitutes and drug peddlers. We would go for a short walk and say “need weed” to everyone we passed by. Within minutes, we’d be heading back home with a bag of weed. man, good times!

I tried and i went back to the old one, i dont like at all. There is no spotlight tab or sets tab, and there is not minibox of the stats, now if you want to see the stats you have to go to the options and blablabal…

The most recent track that shows up on my page is 2 years old O_o