Sound samples from beta builders?

We know that there are working ‘final version’ Shruthi’s now in the wild, would any of the beta builders be willing to show off your test noodlings (mp3 or youtube style)?

It would keep the buzz alive and strong.
And (selfishly) fill my headphones at work :wink:

Edit: To be fair, EATYone did a great job and there aren’t that many finished I know. But if you’re making the sounds anyway…that’s all :slight_smile:

Elhad (Nakidim / PA Lost) and his wife have started recording a track with it, from what he told me, heavily based on the arpeggiator.


Vidéo making in progress here…

Upload of 14:21min of demo in progress…

3 parts:

  • A show off all the preset
  • A show of some sequencer presets
  • A demo of the M4L/MAX plug that i build at this moment… No more need of speedlim like in the Shruti, this one manage midi very well, and there’s a feedback on the Shruthi screen wich is delicious :smiley: … I’ll try to fix 1 “bugs” i have (can’t manage CC parameters correctly when it got negatives values…) and will try to implement NRPN to have a full control of the box :slight_smile:

No more problem to send CC (i must read the manual before lol), and now i’ve implement NRPN inside my patch, so when it will be finished we would drive the modulation matrix inside Live! yeahhhhh

Wow - thankyou again EATYone!

That video was all I had hoped for and much more.

And it will certainly help the buzz…

@Eatyone- thanks for the demo. Some great sounds- and it looks sooo… good! I hope Olivier sells a boatload- looks like a winner.
Thanks again for uploading- now I’m getting real excited!

Your welcome dudes :slight_smile: But all thanks must goes to Olivier it’s a pleasure to use this “little” box!