Sound problem and value at screen move alone

I have finish my first shruthi last week. Great kit at build and the sound is very good.

But last day’s i start my shruthi and the sound was uggly , all value at screen move .
When i start it , he don’t start on the mutable instrument page with OS version.

I have test with audio and midi cable disconnected but there is the problem .

Excuse my bad frenglish .

Maybe you have configured your unit to use the programmer with no programmer attached to it? In this case it will read random values for all parameters and this will result in exactly the symptoms you describe.

What is the value of “cv.” on the system settings page?

Try setting it to “4cv”

I am going to look this evening and I answer you .

Thank’s for your help.

You are right pichenettes , the “cv” value was on programmer.

now it’s good .

thank you.

Once you have made this change, press the 6th button to see on the screen

save midi/kbd
settings? no

Turn the encoder to show “yes” and click. The change to “4CV” will be made permanent.

I did not miss to protect this parameter.

now i’m going to discover the shruthi :slight_smile: