Sorry quick question. Do you cut the bottom?


Id like to reveal my building secrets if only i could understand what you mean…

Sorry, the 4x 2N3906 transistors. Do you snip the excess that sticks out of the bottom of the board?

You trim the legs off all the components after they have been soldered. You’d never get the case on and there would be shorts all over the place otherwise!

Sorry was confused because I was told to leave ic5 and ic9 on for cooling. Transistors looked lie they might be the same. Thanks

Someone told not to trim the legs of the voltage regulators…

You can pre-cut them to save damaging the joint.

Perhaps I was less than clear about the 7905 and 7805. I’m sorry for that.

What I meant was that the broad part of the regulator legs should be kept as they are, the thin part that goes thru the board should be cut at the back side of the board. If you trim the thin part of the regulator legs you will have hard time getting the broad part of the legs thru the holes.

Mil-spec soldering states that should always trim legs on the back side before soldering because the “snap” could cause cracks in the solder joint, but that is nothing we must adhere to here.

i was just about to ask about this and i see people have kindly replied. i noticed the picture where the regulators were trimmed.

I already solder them on so I will have to trim them. Maybe I should give the joints a quick resolder after the trimming?

As for trimming before the soldering, I am guessing this only counts for larger parts not resistors and such? My soldering has gradually improved throughout the build. I hope I’ve done a good enough job. so far its been great fun though. I’m really hoping i can finish the control board today.

I trim the leads of every parts, after having soldered it, one half mm or so above the top of the solder “cone”. When I screw up and the solder joint looks like a “plateau” rather than a “peak”, I reheat the joint, but it’s only for aesthetics reasons.

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And flush cutters are my preferred tool for trimming, with those semi flushed normal cutters I find it harder to control the cut and to get close enough to the board.

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