Sorry for this noob question, can't find it though, about the leftover 1M resistor on smr-4 mkII

sorry for this, but just wanted to double check…i don’t need to solder the leftover 1M resistor on the smr-4 mkII filter board that comes with the kit if i’m using the latest control board, correct? shruthi-1 control board is an older / different version? or do I need to use it?

does it just make sense to add it either way? this is my first build, and i’m using the kit.


Don’t quote me, but yes, you will need / want to solder the 1M resistor. It is not needed if the filter were used without a control board (i.e. as a Sidekick).

Scratch the “need” part. It’s to prevent some residual noise when the resonance is all the way up.

ah awesome, that’s what i thought it would do (as well as reduce some residual noise when the filter isn’t open that much but the osc(s) is(are) still triggering a note.

thanks for the response! :slight_smile:

The control board uses PWM straight from a MCU pin - and because of that, the minimum value of the output control voltage cannot be exactly zero - it stays a dozen of mV above zero. This prevents the VCA from totally “closing” when no note is played. So you need to pull the voltage a bit down near zero and this is what this resistor is here for.

It needs to be soldered!

thank you so much!

starting the soldering tonight :slight_smile: