Sorry for this noob problem regarding MIDI parameters


Just recently wanted to jump into the hardware world, so i don’t have any experience of it.

I don’t use a daw yet, and i don’t have an external midi card.

I’m currently trying to sync my Shruthi 1 (probably 0.76 firmware) with a Roland MC-303.

I adjusted the Shruthi as follows

Tun chn mid
0 0 off

and the MC303 as internal clock. I read somewhere that the MC303 is not the easiest/more practical device for midi out so maybe it tells us something.

but the shruthi doesn’t receive anything.

I’m probably missing something here, and maybe my explanations are not clear enough, but if you have any idea as to how i could settle this, please let me know !

Mea Culpa : i’ve only read bites of both manuals.

Thanks a lot.

Yes, you must set the tempo in the Shruthi to “external”. Otherwise it will just go on using its internal clock.