Sorry for the ads

I’ve looked into various options for forum search, and they all sucked; so I ended up with the built-in google gadget. Drawback: comes with ads. Note that I don’t earn anything from them.

Works great!
I can recomend AdBlock . I never see any adds anywhere.

Nice pichenettes, now I it is much easier to search, no need anymore to keep a google tab open for M.I. forum searches, well done, the search before was just funny, but not so effective.
Also shiftr, that AdBlock is perfect, no flash ads no ads at all :smiley:

AdBlock plus, Ghostery and NoScript usually keeps my browser clutter free :smiley:

+1 for AdBlock… and of course good search is a nice thing on a forum like this. Wonder why the Vanilla people did fail so epicly at adding proper search to this otherwise fabulous forum platform.

It’s not just the Vanilla people. Search quality is a hard problem. Even the results we got from Sphinx when it was powering the search on this forum were bad.

The ads are a small price I’m willing to pay for this new search. Thanks!

Google does a really good job returning relevant results. People always expect search to be simple because Google works so well, but it’s really, really hard to get just right.


Google works brilliantly and makes complex things simple.

And therefore, we all willingly surrender our privacy.

Excuse me now I am heading back into my cave.

I’m totally cool with ads, but you should be getting paid.

As I’m using an iPad 1 I got stucked with iOS5.
Other websites (like which are using the Google search do work fine on my iPad.
Hmm, very strange.

Works fine for me in Mobile Safari. Which version of iOS are you running?

Oh crap! I can’t use the new search anymore on my iPad.
I’m using Atomic Browser together with the build in adblocker. After kicking off the search I’m getting a kind of white overlay and that’s all. Anybody else having problems on the iPad?

Edit: same problem with the original Apple browser.

Just tested on my original iPad as well; there’s a JS error in the console about the iframe containing the google page trying to access the parent page. It works on because there they’re not loading the results in an overlay on the page but rather showing the results in a new page. The overlay is probably a configuration option that’s part of the Google search service that could be turned off by @pichenettes if he feels it’s important if the search works on the original iPad.

FWIW this is Google’s fault; they really should test their stuff on the original iPad and/or under iOS 5 as well IMHO. At least that’s what I tend to do as much as possible on bigger projects.

I haven’t found a configuration option to open a new page. Besides the overlay, the other options all seem to display the results in the menu div itself - maybe a conflict in div naming between google and the forum template?

Looks like Amazona is using the old, deprecated api, the new api indeed insists on doing it in an ajaxy way.

Search works well for me on Firefox and no ads visible (I’m using Trueblock PLus)

However, every time I click on a search link it doesn’t see that I’m already logged in, and asks me to do so again (with the Howdy Stranger message) :frowning:


Are you accessing the site with or ? Looks like a redirection is missing somewhere - or maybe the cookies are stored for one URL but not for the other…

My link is

Just edited it to and re-entered my name/password - search now works properly!

Thanks pichenettes.