I just switched to lead-free ROHS solder. It doesn’t smell as good.

make sure you have good ventilation, that stuff is pretty toxic

Speaking of which… Any recommendation for a small fume extractor? If possible, not very noisy since the room in which I solder is adjacent to my neighbours’ bedroom.

I have seen this on Farnell. Do these kinds of things work well?

I have the little weller similar to that and it works fine

I was joking but ROHS is still really toxic? Damn this hobby and it’s analog goodnesses.

I’ve got the same Weller model, and it’s doing the job.

A little bit noisy, but enough flow to keep the fumes away from your face…

SHIT! So we all have to die???

… who of you guys is Smokin?

Think I’ll have to get one too… every time I solder something I start coughing… which is not really nice…

this seems a good place to ask;

I bought some lead free silver solder when i got this kit, but find it really hard to use (im a noob).

Before i break the shruthi, is it better to get some other solder? Which do people recommend?

Many thanks


Usually for noobs like us they suggest to stay clear of lead free solder and use the 60-40 tin-lead solder (which has 40% of lead inside).


I use 2 different lead based ones:

Kester 331: This is the organic flux based stuff. I use this for all parts that are not harmed by water (resistors, caps, ICs etc). The beauty of this stuff is that all you need to do to clean the flux off is to rinse it off with water and let dry

Kester 945: This is the no-clean stuff and I use it for everything else (pots, switches, etc) that should never get wet.

All the other ones are rosin flux based which needs to be removed with all sorts of chemicals and although it is superior for soldering, it is a pain in the ass to clean

I don’t know where you guys live or where you get your solder from, but lead solder has been basically banned in Europe for the last 4 years under the RoHS ( Certainly I’ve never seen any on sale, or used any. Built all of my projects with lead-free solder and a cheap 30W iron, and I’ve never had a problem aside from the ones caused by my own stupidity.

Regarding the fumes, isn’t the point of lead-free solder to have something that’s full of LESS harmful stuff than lead? You want to be in a well-ventilated room whatever solder you use, but I would have thought it was even more important with the lead solder.

Tin-lead solder is still available from Farnell (eg and at the nearby electronic shop it’s still taking 3/4 of the shelves.

also no matter whether or not there is lead involved, metal fumes are always double plus toxic! especially to the larynx.

Ben, didn’t you ask exactly that on SoS a couple of weeks ago? And I seem to recall you got some good info :wink:
I don’t have a problem with the lead free stuff. Except for a bit of a fluxy mess it leaves behind on the PCB. But it doesn’t hurt anything.

"SHIT! So we all have to die???

… who of you guys is Smokin?"


I like to smoke during soldering…Give me your smoke if u don’t want it!

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haha, luck?

I suck down lead fumes whenever I build a kit… but its not like I work in a sweatshop and build stuff 8 hours a day, every day, so I’m not that worried about it.

@ Paul, yes but a second opinion never hurts… :slight_smile:

Doing a big component shop soon and going to try some of the circuits around the web and in the Nic Collins book.

Expensive business this…