Soon : Anushri Keyboard version

After Shruti Keyboard, soon : Anushri Keyboard ?

I don’t like 25-key keyboards… :frowning:
32 or 37 please!
However, this thing looks very cool.

Lets add 49 & 61 to the list of wanted keyboards ! :smiley:

That said, I love the layout & looks of it :slight_smile:

Now am Ambika version with 49 or 61 and i am in…

Amazing work
What keyboards are You using?

I’m not sure the owner of this website is around on this board.
I suppose that he used the same kind of stuff than for the shruthi keyboard synth, which is a fatar keyboard (my guess is that he bought it at doepfer).

I think that a 25 keys keyboard is very well adapted to the anushri. It’s enough for most sequences you’ll need to record with the anushri scale change possibilities.

@Adrian I’m not the owner of this website, see here : he is the owner