Something wrong with my sheep?

Been trying to figure this out this morning & it’s driving me batty. For some reason my Sheep keeps retriggering even when I have something plugged into V/Oct, I would think it should behave like any other oscillator and not play a note until I trigger one from my keyboard/sequencer, but it’s acting like there’s something “stuck”. Right now the only CV inputs I have plugged in are V/Oct and Uni, nothing else. The light next to the frequency dial is flashing like mad, when I’d think it should just be on when I press a note (provided I have something plugged into V/Oct).

Maybe I’m just misunderstanding something here? It doesn’t do this with the Tides firmware loaded, then it behaves as you’d expect.

Any help would be appreciated. It’s completely unusable in its current state.

Erm… Eurorack oscillators play constantly. You need to pass the output through a VCA controlled by an envelope generator to divide it into notes.


Tides has three modes of operation set by the upper button: loop (retriggers continuously), trigger (one-shot) or gate (retriggers while the Trig output is high). Sheep has only one: loop mode. The upper button is used instead to switch between three banks of wavetables. Therefore it won’t stop at the end of the cycle like Tides. As a workaround you can try to mute it: put you gate in the Level input. The downside is that you’ll probably get a ‘click’ at the beginning and end of the note.

> I would think it should behave like any other oscillator and not play a note until I trigger one from my keyboard/sequencer

Which “any other oscillators”? Oscillators always play continuously; and the CV outputs of your keyboard/sequencer continue spitting the same CV whether a key is pressed or not. That’s the job of the gate to indicate the beginning/end of notes.

You need a VCA/envelope generator to shape the sound - or use Tides/Sheep’s buit-in VCA (LEVEL CV input).

This seems to be quite a common misconception among Euro-noobs.


I think the assumption is that the CV “drops to 0” when you release a key, and that the oscillator should stop producing sound when this happens. But that would be silly, because that wouldn’t allow notes to have a release “tail” - not to mention that if 0V means “no note”, the oscillator wouldn’t follow the 1V/Oct rule. And portamento wouldn’t work.

I maybe didn’t explain this clearly enough, my bad. What I’m doing is this - I have gate event going to a vca (open/close) gate, and the uni out goes to the vca input and the vca output goes to a mixer, the keyboard’s cv out is going into v/oct on the sheep. What I guess I’m confused about is that even though this is the case when I have a note in the audible range, the waveform is cycling super fast so note on will have a noticeable trill like effect (like wub-wub-wub-wub) and if I dial it to be smoother there’s no sound output at all.

My question is - is that intended or not? There doesn’t seem to be any way to get rid of this behavior no matter which part of the wave map I’m dialed into or what bank I’m selecting.

I can post an audio example if that would help?

Meh, I just figured out what it was … well maybe “figured out” is the wrong way to phrase it. Something in the signal chain was doing something funky to the output, I think it was a bad cable perhaps? I had the output running to O’Tool, and from O’Tool to VCA and so I took O’Tool out of the chain - problem cleared right up. Then I tried a different cable to add O’Tool back to the chain, and now it’s behaving as I expected. I tried this cable with a different oscillator and it’s doing the same thing, basically constant clipping. None of my other cables do this so I guess it goes in the recycling bin.

Sorry all, false alarm.