Something REALLY strange with YARNS. Help please (SOLVED)

Incredibly confused.

Keystep midi out, to Yarns midi in.
2M layout.
P1 CH11
P2 CH12
MIDI CLOCK out to Pamela’s New Working CLK in
MIDI START out to Pamela’s New Working RUN in
Output Clock 96 ppqn
Bar length 0
Pamela’s OUT1 to Circadian Rhythms CLOCK IN
Pamela’s OUT2 to Circadian Rhythms RESTART IN

Whenever I hit a key on either midi channel 11 or 12, it opens up the Pamela’s start and triggers my Circadian Rhythms drum sequence for the period of time I press the key. If I release the key it stops, and if I press again it restarts.

I have run INIT settings a bunch of times. I even reinstalled firmware. Something really odd is going on. I have no idea what to do next.

This is not a bug.

The internal clock starts/stops whenever you are playing.

When/how would you expect the clock to be running?

If I play a note on my keyboard, it plays a note on the synth connected to the CV and GATE outputs.

But it also causes the START signal connected to right hand row, 4th down, to start the drum sequencer via Pamelas as well

What if I just want to play a synth note and not cause it to trigger drums?

I guess I can turn off the EXT CLK setting on the Circadian but I would have thought playing a note on a PART in Yarns wouldn’t necessarily send a start out, maybe thats just not how it works.

In your situation when would you want the clock to start and trigger drums?

Well, when I hit the START button on the Yarns. This seems intuitively right to me but I really dont know what I am talking about on this, and appreciate your responses.

Other option is just dump a blank preset in Circadian and switch to a populated one when I want drums to kick in. That way, its cycling a blank set of ‘triggers’ when I dont want to hear it.

You’re actually the first one to request this. It’s OK, I can add a setting to enable/disable clock auto-start! It would seem that the majority of people want the rest of their patch to start getting into motion the moment they start playing a key (playing live one melodic line but getting the sequenced backing running).


Hahah wow. That is funny.

I am glad that I wasnt losing my mind here. Not understanding and learning something, well that is okay.

If you do add the feature that would be cool, for me at least.

Hey I had a think about the use case here

  • I understand YARNS currently sends clock time and start signal when user sends a note through the device from midi
  • to separate clock time and start (to have the option to disable start) but to keep the clock time going, would suit my use case
  • For example, the clock still going to Magneto tape echo is still of use
  • Suppressing the start message from hitting the drum sequencer would be great
  • That would mean I would manually press the start button when I want to send a start signal

However, I could always just MUTE the drum channels, that is also a solution :slight_smile: