Something quite personal for me , depression and music ( Local TV spot)

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It’s great if you could turn this into a way to be creative! And yeah, respect for having the courage to talk openly about it like this!

Much respect for speaking out on this topic. These conditions, anxiety, depression etc are much more common than people would think and there is help to be had.

It’s great that you found a creative outlet as a way to overcome this!

Coolest stay-at-home dad ever? :slight_smile:

Fantastic piece of news.

Super inspiring! Thanks for talking about this!

Hi all, thanks, I was a little reluctant, but unfortunately about a week and a half ago an acquantaince committed suicide from mental health troubles that noone knew he had, so I agreed to talk about mine on camera instead of just talking about the music I do, to show people that these things are manageable just like a bad back or a broken limb . cheers ! D163

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PS: now you all know my real identity! dont tell General Zod!

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Wow, amazing. Sometimes we forget (at least I do) that the people who post on this forum are actually real people, with real lives and real issues. It was great to get to know more about you dude163!

Thanks for sharing this video with the forum. It’s always nice to know more about the people we chat with.

My biggest disapointment is that you did not keep that blue hair :slight_smile:

I tried! but it fades too rapidly with the grey I have now ! Recently It was Cyan though (as seen in the video) :slight_smile: I may be 50 but I refuse to get old

Very inspiring, thanks for sharing. So many people have problems like these, and still it is associated with so much shame that few are talking about it :confused:

Whoa congrats on the The Thump article!

Sweet fame!! :slight_smile:

there you go, chartreuse is the couleur de semaine! I released a track with all proceeds going to the Canadian Mental health assoc

Total support, dude163. Thanks for talking about it to a TV audience. I was fortunate myself to get help and some short time off work a few years ago when I went through a serious bout. It’s still something I can’t talk about to colleagues, for fear of their anger, disrespect, or even jealousy about it. I was completely lost. Since then, it’s been a struggle not falling into the orbit of the black hole again, constant work. Stay healthy, brother. Thanks for talking.

Finally checked out the tv spot. Very cool, man. Keep it up!

Hye thanks all, I didnt see those comments until today , maybe I should hit refresh more often on my browser!