Something I found difficult while assembling my Anushri

Just something I found difficult - getting the two PCB’s to fit together after having soldered the female and male pin connectors separately. My advice for future builders: solder the two PCB’s together, i.e. insert the male and female parts, and connnect them when soldering so that the PCB is in place as well …

Also, same is true for the 3.5mm jacks - you should line them up in the case holes first, then solder them to the PCB - makes it easier later when the time comes to align all the case holes.

Better would be:

  1. solder one pcbs connectors
  2. mount the stacking hardware
  3. insert the other connectors and mount the 2nd pcb
  4. tighten stacking hardware to get boards aligned
  5. solder the connectors

Yeah, exactly. The connectors should be soldered last.

Also, the jacks on the panel… these ought to be fixed in the panel first, then soldered so that they’re smooth fit on final assembly.

These comments saved me a lot of headaches with my build. Thanks!

I just finished the mainboard ( except connectors ) and planning to start control board tonight.

Based on the input here ; should I at least solder 4x male 2x8 connectors to mainboard or totally leave it aside and solder both board connectors at the end ?

i did it at the end. it’s less shaky during assembly if the flipsides are flat.

I would also suggest soldering the 3.5m jacks while the case is layed on top. I have to resolder mine because they are just EVER so slightly off.

+1 on the jacks, and def use the threaded collars to hold them in place.