Someone recommends a place to buy a Hakko 808?

I am thinking about buying a Hakko 808 after struggling a lot this weekend with desoldering.

Someone recommends a site to buy one?

I also don’t understand why the 220v ones are double the price of the 120v.


I bought mine on ebay. already had a 120 to 220v converter.
Would do it again without hesitation. :slight_smile:

If you’re handy you could buy one, take apart and look at the transformer, replace with a 220v one?

Thanks for the advise.

I pulled the trigger and got a 808 and an 888 soldering station.

So I think I had a good hint to post here.

If you go to the forum, there is a group buy post for the Hakko 808 and another on for the Hakko 888.

I’ve just bought the 808 for 150USD and the 888 for 77USD.

Thought it’s a thread about drum machines…