Someone here to sell me 6 switchs caps?

all in the title!

Where are you located? Do you like red?

Yeah, a bit more Information could ne helpful to all of us;-)

i’m in france mens! would take red if no black

Ha, that’s funny. I was also looking for the caps the last few days. I need 2 grey, white and red ones.
I found a supplier in the US. The six caps would cost me about EUR 1,36 but the shipping costs are about 19,-- EURO

I have no clue where people from Germany/Europe are ordering their caps. I can only imagine that they always order them together with other stuff (BOM).

could be made via farnell but that costs usually 20€ because they don’t stock them here. otherwise ordering directly from digi-key if you can, or waiting until someone who can is willing to share shipping cost.

hm, how about a group buy?

i would take 6 black ones.

anybody ordering other stuff anyway and willing to order some additional switch caps?

if someone orders from digi-key i’d be in for hundred or more

How much of a hurry is it?

I’ll stick a rather large-ish D-K order in in a month. I’ll happily slip you some caps in a padded envelope if you send me candy or some other weird stuff (no excrement or dead animals please!).

I’m digesting BoMs for both this,that and the third at the moment.

cool Jojjelito, in my case no hurry at all. just like to have those pain in the ass parts available. could be i need some ICs / transistors too (here we go again)

i can wait. :slight_smile:

Fine, I’ll try to remember to post about a D-K order when it’s time. Help my out by sending me a PM nudge in a month :wink:

Same problem here, French and needing stuff not available at Reichelt for a Shruthi assembly : switches, switch caps, pots…

farnell does stock alps caps in red/black/white and you don’t have to pay 20 euros for shipping from USA… example: black caps are number 1123884. for me it’s the cheapest option, also for switches and pots.

Building a Shruthi gave me enough self confidence to consider making other DIY projects and I have learned that sourcing parts can be a real pain in the ¤ss. Setting aside the technical aspects of chosing components, the real problem is that you never find one supplier who has all the parts you need. You are lucky if no component is out of stock at every supplier, and the shipping costs multiply (in familiar French we say “it costs the skin of your b¤lls”)

haha !

Hrhrhr, for us germans that’s true too !

For us germans its true, three. Or maybe even four.