Somebody Atomo Synth Krakken?

Hey Guys

Did somebody of you have this analogue synth?


Nope, but it is tempting :wink:

Well, me too … :wink: Sounds great… Aggressive and Phat :))

It is from Peru. The Modular stuff from the same stable is weak, the oscillator limited. Funky design. Not sure how playable the keys are. I suspect very like the Korg Nano series.
I will take a minibrute over it …

From the description on their site I think the keyboard is just buttons disguised as keys To me the whole thing seems a bit expensive for the features.

You can see the tact switches under the keyboard if you look closely. I’d be interested to know how long the keyboard would last. The ‘keys’ appear to just be strips cut out of the top of the case, and playing involves bending these strips down to press the switch below. I have a suspicion playing the synth might well cause the ‘keys’ to snap after a while.


Somehow the Keys must be fitted to the Panel, you can’t bend a 3mm Plexi this much to make the TactSwitch work without breaking it. If it would be cut the thickness it would be possible albeit breaking after a few hundred loads.
I so curios that i am tempted to just order one :wink:

No, the keys are separate parts that are somehow fitted to the mobo, I think with some sort of seesaw like structure. The black case clearly shows that they’re separate parts. If you clck to enlarge the picture of the green one just above the movie you can see a bit of the supports.

Probably no less durable than the Wasp with its capacitive keys?

It looks like keys are fixed to the panel at the top with the sides and bottom of each key cut and the tact switches are just barely below each key. I’d bet there is just enough flex for it to work but not enough flex for it to be an immediate issue. With the exception of the black/white keys. No ELP stunt soloing though, I’m afraid.

compared to this an Ambika kit is a no brainer

I did not read that is a kit. It looks to me that this box is prebuilt…

It’s does appear to be prebuilt only, and as far as i can see no furhter resources. No schematics, nothing.

Thats correct prebuilt only, not kits, I emailed them a while back inquiring and they said " no kits"

Being honest, that box sounds nice. But not nice enough to pay roundabout 550 bucks plus taxes and customs in germany for me, which would round up to near 650. For that money i could easily buy a moog minitaur or a used Slim Phatty, vice versa. And that kind of keyboard may be a nice gag, but barely of real use.

Or you might buy 2 Shruthis… or a Shruthi + Anushri… or an Ambika… or an Exfilinator…or a µW XT…

Or 0.5 Cirklons.

Yeah, Depeche Mode has one (along with every other synth) but I’ve heard it’s just a knockoff of the Ray Wilson soundlab. The vactrol filters in their stuff just seem to be based on the ultraslow NSL32s that Electronic Goldmine is selling ultracheap…

possibilities over possibilities :wink:

You would be mental to choose this over an Arturia Minibrute.