Some Yarns questions

Greetings everybody.

I’d like to know if Yarns can play in duophonic mode like the Odyssey or the new Moog Sub 37. That is, with one CV pitch output having low priority, another CV pitch having high priority, and a common gate output (to share vca and filter). Currently I achieve this using an Expert Sleepers ES-3 and a custom script in Reaktor, but I’d prefer not to turn the PC on to achieve that.

In case it can’t work that way, would it possible to have it in an upgrade? Does any other midi to cv module allow this behaviour?

Thanks in advance!

Someone has already asked me for this. Might come later in a firmware upgrade, but ranking very low in my priority list.

I see, thanks.

Yeah that would be cool.

Can’t remember if Yarns does Low/High Note priority but I used to do this with my old Kenton. I’d set 2 channels to the same MIDI channel. Have one set for Low note and the other for High note priority. Worked fairly well.