Some user wavetables


I have a wavetable that I want to import into my Shruthi. I use Wavelab Elements and I’m not able to choose “unsigned” - only “big endian” or “little endian” when saving to raw. Is there a connection? I also wonder at what sample rate I should save. Then where is that python script to convert the raw to sysex?

It’s because your samples are 16-bit. You need 8-bit samples.

Script is here

Thanks. I have made some attempts but keep getting this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “tools/wavetable2sysex/”, line 115, in
assert len(data) == 2048

I’m pretty sure the wavetable is exactly 2048 samples long because that’s what I get when I reopen it in an audio editor. If that’s what this error message is about. Maybe Audacity saves raw in the wrong way. Does the sample rate matter?

Sample rate does not matter. Export data type does. Post a zip with your binary file here.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Not that the file is large but i zipped it as well in case you aren’t able to download the raw:

Please note that the cycles aren’t perfected yet. I just want to see (and hear) if they work at all

Found the problem, change line 114 to data = map(ord, file(f, ‘rb’).read()). It was doing the CR/LF conversion, which causes a problem on your non-unix system.

Woot! I was able to do the conversion but haven’t got the time to transfer the wavetable to the Shruthi yet - crossing my fingers until then :slight_smile:

Nope, doesn’t work. I’m able to do the conversion from raw to mid/syx as mentioned above. I can also send the data with either Bome’s SendSX or MIDI-OX but the Shruthi refuses to store it. I can see that it receives the signal by the flashing note symbol but nothing actually happens. I tried Olivers wavetables and they work just fine. I have uploaded the results here:

Which OS version does your Shruthi-1 run? Might be a manufacturer ID problem…

I’m running OS v0.92 on a v0.5 control board

Please upgrade your firmware (best thing to do) ; or invoke the wavetable tool to use the old “pirate” manufacturer ID (\\x00\\x20\\x77).


I did upgrade the OS and it works! It’s just the .mid output though (the .syx doesn’t for some reason) but that doesn’t really matter. Here’s my first custom wavetable ever in action:

No filter or anything is used, just a LFO modulating the PWM parameter. It’s damn noisy and the cycles doesn’t loop cleanly yet but I’m so happy it works at all. Thanks for the help!

Lovely custom wavetable sounds Trackdriver!