Some user wavetables

Play those in your Shruthi using your favorite SysEx tool, set the oscillators to user and enjoy!

Any chance to get those as SysEx instead of MIDI files ? :slight_smile:

I have updated the file with .syx versions.

great! Thanks a lot!
I actually have a bunch of single cycle waveforms that could be transformed into wavetables. I actually did that already for the Blofeld. I remember there was a discussion about this some time ago but I can’t find it anymore… is there a tutorial about how to make your own wavetables somewhere on the mutable instruments site?

Yes I planned to do online tool for that but I’m absolutely swamped with work. Priority to getting the kits ready for the 31st ; and then for the dual SVF.

yeah of course, don’t worry. But… is it complicated to make a sysx out of a wavetable, once you have the wave file?

The tricky bit is to get a wavetable first! Once you have a .wav file with exactly 2048 samples made of 16 128 single cycles, you need to save it as a raw unsigned 8-bits file, and then there’s a python command line tool to make a .syx out of it.

I had to use a pretty heavy artillery to make some of the built-in wavetables, mainly a subsample-accurate pitch detector (YIN + quadratic interpolation) + a FFT resampler to convert slices of the original .wav into single cycles that loop on exactly 128 samples.

yeah I had the same problem with the Waldorf… which also wants the waves to be 128 samples. The difference there is that I have an application that converts the wav into a syx that works with the synth.
The trick I used to convert the waves is by pitching them in Reaper so that they would end up being exactly the size I needed… worked well so far.

Where are these for download? I’d love to start working on some of them.

The link is in the first post.

I’ll have to resume this old post because I’m still interested in this whole user wavetable business but still don’t know how to do it.
pichenettes: you mentioned a python command, where can I find it?

rumpelfilter - You can easily do it with the CTLR editor now… loads from raw files!

I’ve seen you mentioned that on CDM… but I can’t find that anywhere. can you point me to an URL?

She’s here !

(per this thread)

Great thanks a lot!

Quick question about the user wavetables, are they global or can you save a user wavetable per patch?

i don`t think you can save them at all


i notice it is in ram, does that survive a power cycle?