Some Quick Questions

So I am going to order the Shruthi kit. But now I notice the other boards in the shop. Do all these boards all fit in the original plastic housing? Only I have seen a few of other colours - the white one for the 4-pole mission edition for instance. Are these other cases available to buy somewhere?

Many thanks for info!

You can order cases from fcd72 here. His prices will include some level of personal engraving IIRC and come in a variety of colors. The filter boards you see all fit the standard digital control board. Going with the Shruthi-1 kit for your first Shruthi is highly recommended for so many reasons (ready instructions, all parts, candy - if you buy a case on that last one). For 165 to 170 euros plus shipping you’ll have a kick ass monosynth. The cases should work for any combination of filter board/control board (Shruthi-1). You may want to modify the case if adding additional pots/switches/etc.

there have been special case colors for special editions of polivokc, 4PM and yellow magic. the cases are all the same and every filter can be used, the digital board is always the same also (besides color). frank has some stock colors, i think it depends on demand.

OK, great. Thanks for the answers. I agree with the advice of starting with the standard kit. Get to know the board a bit then I’ll think about looking at the other boards. I would like to have a go at the Ambika as well, but I need to find someone in Berlin who will print the boards for me… But that’s another matter…

The ambika should be available near november as a semi kit, so you better wait for that moment.

And of course, everything is open source and open hardware, so you’re free to have the boards manufactured by someone else… but if you want to participate to the sustainability of Mutable Instruments, it’s always better if you buy the PCBs from here (and actually, most of the time it’s cheaper than through a third part source).

OK, that’s good to know. I would like to build some of the boards from scratch, so who on the forum is the go-to person for the boards? I know fcd72 is the cases person…

Well, if you want to make some of the boards from scratch, e.g. those that aren’t available anymore, you need to find a PCB manufacturing company that can take the files. As far as I know there’s hasn’t been any major orders arranged by people on the forum. This applies to the SSM board, the CEM3379 board and the IR3109 board. Or you can roll your own of any of the extant boards as well, but I suggest getting those from here as you’re contributing to the sustained business of Mutable.

If you’re talking about just building the boards you can buy, mix and match your own Shruthis etc that’s something lots of us do. Just get the control board, programmed chips (if you don’t have access to or feel comfortable with a programmer), filter PCB and components as listed. You can get most of the standard components at Reichelt, but some stuff has to be ordered from DigiKey, Mouser and Farnell as indicated.

>so who on the forum is the go-to person for the boards?

If they’re listed in the Shop then they’re officially on-sale. If they’re not in the shop then they’re pre-release (think beta) and so not recommended for beginners. Ambika falls into that category, but I think all of the quirks have been ironed out now.

so who on the forum is the go-to person for the boards?
no-one, but you have some options here, since (in my opinion) it’s far more DIY-friendly activity than building a nice case :

  • etch them yourself using ferric chloride (or other chemical products…) : it’s not too difficult for the old filter boards like CEM, SSM, IRF… You’ll find tutorials about it everywhere on internet. I think schrab did this for the digital board as well (in my opinion, a harder task).
  • get them manufactured by some pcb company : mostly in china, this will be quite expensive but you should get a similar result to that of official boards.
  • reproduce the circuit on perfboard and get everything manually wired. I think that once again, schrab did one prototype this way. Damn those russians!