Some of my live sessions with the Shruthi


For those of us who just want to click. If I was really smart, I’d know how to embed the Soundcloud link directly.

<a href=“”

rubbish html guids

Why isn’t it working,

<a href="href ="

Yeah, I am not smart, so there will be no clickable links from me

one more go with this studpid thing

<a href="

Sod it!!!

yep. no idea. It’s not an image. :frowning:

You could’ve just edited one post, instead of posting seven separate posts. Just FYI.

It seems to have been disabled… You used to be able to do "soundcloudlink":soundcloudlink(without the @'s), and it’d show a soundcloud player… Not native textile functionality though, so could be an incompatible or non-maintained plugin…

Thanks for letting me know that cold_fashioned :slight_smile:

You need to use Textile.

To embed links, just surround the keyword with double quotes, put a colon after that and then the actual link. Oh, and change https to http.


Finally! Thank you piscione