Some new tracks featuring the shruti-1

Hi, I have been quite busy with the Shruti-1 lately and have used it (with great fun) in several tracks. I’ve used it also for sound design purposes, I found it quite effective to create weird, dirty noises, especially when playing around with the amazing Curtis filter…

In this track you can hear some arps made with it, together with a SammichSID, a Novation Bass Station and a Waldorf Blofeld (plus some software).

Here you can hear several noises made with the Shruti (in the first part around 0:33)

And here more Arps (starting at 1:18):

These are all a bit work in progress… but I’d love to hear what you think about it nonetheless!

Thanks Dude

Good work!

It’s non my type of music, but I cannot deny the sound is amazing. “Action” is absolutely well done. I cannot wait to create something on my own. I’m overstimulated by all this…

Complimenti Hannes.