Some help on component sourcing

hello at all… as each time it’s hell…
and i can see bom of the shruthi are really well done…
im on gorf and a gm 5x5x5 of midibox, and can’t found the followings:
can someone point me to the refs on farnell or digikeys??

1K5 resistor (dont know if the wattage is important???)
2k2 resistor (dont know if the wattage is important???)
100nF 63V, 5mm pitch
10uF 16v, 2.54mm pitch, 4mm diameter

ceramic capacitor 1 uf 100/200 mil

thanks at all for your help!

the resistors should be fairly standard (e12 series), use 1/4w 1% metal (the blue ones…). for the caps the voltage is pointless as both gorf and midi box run at 5 volts so the rated voltage exceeds the maximum in these circuits. If you can’t find these, drop me a line i think i have everything on stock - scaring, isn’t it?