Some help needed from US for ebay purchase

I want to buy a Amphony wireless headphone rangebooster.
I can get on on ebay
But the seller only ships inside USA.
Would somebody please be so kind to ship it to me in the Netherlands for me? I’ll pay for the shipping and any extra costs of course.

Wouldn’t this be fine?

That’s a nice service but it’s not for the Netherlands

Damn D, I meant to ask this at the Post Office yesterday but had to bust out of there REALLY fast. I have to ship something tomorrow so I will ask then and should be able to get back to you by Friday. Bug me again via e-mail if I don’t get back to you.

Could still use some help on this one… US people? And @shimoda if you are still out there?

I’d be able to help out. Email me at joshuagoran (at) gmail (dot) com if you still need a hand. Price plus actual shipping and Paypal fees if applicable?

E-mail sent shiftr, sorry for the EXTENDED delay.

Hey @shimoda ok super thanks!