Some first Anushri track

Since I recorded some stuff I made when playing around with the Anushri I thought that I might as well put together a little track…
This one has been made just with the Anu and nothing but it (just a bit of compression and reverb added for good measure)
Drums have been sequenced live by hysterically twisting the knobs! That’s the funniest feature of the Anu imho!


Yarr! Apart from the Mountain Dew-inspired color (AWESOME) I especially like the mandala. Better go bug Frank about the case plans we’re hatching. She’s too undressed at the moment at casa Jojjelito :wink:

@rumpelfilter very nice work!


Also, I think I actually like these tall pots better.

shakes fist damn yooooooouuuuuu!


Yeah man, yeah!

wicked cool

this is excellent , can’t wait for mine …

The sound of the drums reminds me of my good old Amiga 500.

thanks people!

@pichenettes: well I don’t k now, they’re not bad, but I think the Shruthi-1 knobs you have currently in the kit have a better feel, and the tallness isn’t as great for handling… but that’s just my subjective feeling about it.

@Jojjelito: If I’m not wrong the standard case from Frank has that same dingbat on the front side. We developed them together with my wife Elisabeth, who is half-Indian (advertisement: for the new website and for several other mutable uses :slight_smile:

@thijs: yeah the drums are quite lo-fi but in a nice crunchy way! You can’t use them everywhere, but the interface makes them a lot of fun to jam around with! And you get enough control over the sound to make them actually usable (as opposed to how the monotribe drums work for instance)

Great track, Hannes!

I definitively need to try the drums into a shruthi polivoks filter. The only think is that I need to mod this board with an input gain - the individual output level of anushri’s drums is too hot to be fed directly into a shruthi filter without an input gain control.

yeah I have to add some input gain on my Shruthi-1 as well…

Wow - Great sound! I’m eagerly anticipating my kit. Can’t wait to have something to just jam on. By the way - this is my first post here.


Interesting that no-one has mentioned that the track is pure BBC radiophonic workshop ca. 1963.

And you get enough control over the sound to make them actually usable (as opposed to how the monotribe drums work for instance)

This was a huge selling point for me. The monotribe drums are so mehhhhh and adding the decay pots still won’t be good enough…

Also, this track is badass. How many tracks am I hearing here?

@davide37: haha thanks for the comment, I totally love that sound!

@bleo: you’re hearing 4 or 5 tracks if remember that right…

@rumpelfilter: love how the case colour just pushes the PC board yellow towards the opposite side of the colour spectrum from orangina, into pine-lime splice territory-excellent! Nice track too!

Mmm, Mountain Dew

Yes, it looks like some kind of radioactive poison, but is surprisingly good, laced with caffeine and large amounts of sugar.