Some Anushri questions

I’m considering an Anushri for my music, but after reading the manual and checking out lots of user demos I still have a couple questions:

1. Once notes have been chosen and a sequence is playing, is it possible to edit individual steps in a sequence? Or do i have to stop, reprogram and start anew? In all the demos i’ve heard, sequences are transposed to create key changes but the sequence itself remains the same. I know that it is possible to jam with the arpeggiator and run scales and such, but that is not the same…

2. CV Clock Out sends a 5v, 2 millisecond pulse. The Monotribe sync signal is also 5v, but the pulse is apparently 20 milliseconds. Could CV Out be used to sync to a Monotribe? Does anybody have any experience with this?

1. No, it is not possible to edit the sequence while it is running.

2. I am sure someone with a monotribe will be able to answer this - I would be surprised if the monotribe didn’t accept shorter pulse on its SYNC input than it emits on its SYNC output. At worst, you can change a line of code to increase the duration of the clock output pulses.

Ok! Thanks for responding to my silly questions!