[solved] Shruthi-1: VCA release not working


Seems like release doesn’t work on VCA - no matter what I do there’s no release when midi note stops. Should release affect VCA by default, no? I made modulation from en1->vca and led dims as release goes on but there’s no release in the sound. I have looked through soldered points on the filter board and those seems to be ok to my eye. What next?

Shruthi-1 with SMR4mk2.

What is envelope 2 routed to in the modulation matrix?

By default, envelope 2 is routed to VCA - on pretty much all presets for exemple, and on the “init” patch. So you control VCA release by controlling the release of envelope 2. If you want to use envelope 1 to control the VCA, fine, route envelope 1 to VCA as you have done but make sure also that there is no routing from envelope 2 to the VCA.

Even when the VCA circuit is not working, setting a long envelope time cause the note to sustain (the oscillator keeps running until the VCA CV reaches 0) - so you would notice it if something was wrong on the analog side.

Ah, my bad. Thanks for the explanation Oliver! Back to the Shrurthi ->