( solved ) problems with wrong voltages on power supply section, help!

hello from germany,
i`ve start to built my new shruthi-1. yesterday i built the first step : the power supply section. i ve checked it with my voltmeter but i`ve got no +5 volt and no -5volt.
at 9v from my dc supply the voltmeter shows a voltage of 3,65 volt at the red points ( positive ) and - 3,36 at the green points ( negative ).
at 12v from my dc supply the voltmeter shows 6,65 volt at the red points and - 6,2 at the green points.
gnd is ok by the way.
i`ve checked all the parts and i cannot found a fault on the board. i `ve also checked my voltmeter with a new battery.
i cannot get the perfect +5v and - 5volt.
where is the fault or what could it be ?
much thanks for help !

There should be no change on the Shruthi’s Checkpoints when you change the Supply Voltage, so somethig is really going wrong. Unplug it and please post a High-Res Picture from the top and the Bottom side. You must have reversed something or fried a regulator… If you prefer to speak german contact me via my eMail.

BTW: Did your Kit arrive in a good shape?

traveler sent me a pic on which i spotted this:

on the place the 7905 should be is a 7805.

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edit: made the pic visible to rosch who is not my friend on flickr, probably because he has no flickr account. if flickr were a french site he shurely would have one…

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