[solved] patches upgrade

Here we go again with the “Im probably doing something silly wrong” post… But, I probably am! So bare with me…

How do I download the factory data.syx file from here?? https://github.com/pichenettes/shruthi-1/tree/master/shruthi/data/factory_data

If I right click “factory_data.syx” (On my mac with safari) it seems to download it, and then sticks .html on the end of the file name. Deleting that part still leaves the file useless, as my sysexlibrarian utility says it contains no sysex data… Sure enough, the Shruthi doesn’t take it.

I got my 512k eeprom in, and have tons of storage space, but only 16 patches at the moment…

So tell me, what am I doing wrong!?

Muchos grassy ass in advance.

Ok, sorted it myself. I dragged the syx file out of the complete file package thing, rather than separately, and that seemed to work…

Click on the file name, then click on raw. You’ll see a page with plenty of weird characters. Save this one.

Ahh, I see now. Im a github n00b! Presumably that sysex file is identical to the one I dragged out of the large folder download that has everything in it?
Either way, I have lots of new patches, and tons of storage space now. Hurrah!

On the subject of larger eeproms. I used these ones at Farnell:
If any Euro fella’s need one, I have 3 or 4 spares to hand.

Is there any way to download the SysEx for 512kbit EEPROMs?

I can see the .bin and the .txt, but not the .syx in https://github.com/pichenettes/shruthi-1/tree/master/shruthi/data/factory_data


Just play the 128kb SysEx… it’s only a repetition of the init patch named “user” beyond that anyway…

Nice, thanks!!

Hello and sorry for bringing up this old post.
I stumbled across a similiar problem, while trying to upload the factory patches to the external eeprom (512k from I/P) with firmware 1.02.
There are empty slots in the factory preset as for example 17-19…
Very strange is the fact, that i succeeded before with the same settings in other Shruthis.
Another question: is the 128k factory_data.syx still anywhere available ? I did not find it in the Git repository.