[solved] No power on motherboard

Now, problems with tuning…I’m close to the end…but what a quest !

Turning the reso trimmer doesn’t have any effect on the pop sound I hear when triggering E4 note…even stranger, turning the resonance knob from 0 to 63 with any kind of sound doesn’t have anny effect…so I guess my filter section has a problem…but where ? I can’t see a shortcut near the reso trimer…and I redid the soldering joints of this trimmer…

WOUHOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ! I did it ! My first shruthi is working…The problem was: the track between Q out from atmega to filterboard was burned…Another bridge fixed this perfectly (lucky i am that this pin is not under the LCD…)…

On tuesday, I’ll start my 2nd (and last) shruthi…I’m pretty sure all the problems I’ve had for the first one will help me for the second one

Thanks to everyone who helped



very happy for you dude :slight_smile: