SOLVED New Anushri, all leds light up on power up


Just got my anushri kit assembled.

Before putting it in the case, I decided to power it up. All leds light up and nothing else happens.

Any easy ideas before diving into extensive troubleshooting? Or areas to look for first?

Thanks and I hope to add my Anushri to the completed list soon!

EDIT: SUCCESS! Had a short between Pin1 of the MCU and GND somwhere between the Pin, R77 and the ISP connector. Replaced ISP connector and MCU socket and re-soldered R77 and crystal. Continuity went away and Anushri booted successfully.

Hold the hold button. Does sound come on?

And congrats as well on the build!


Held the Hold button, no dice!

Tried moving some pots to see if any light flickered, nada.


Hopefully your silence means your jamming out

If not…follow the advice found in this thread. Sounds similar. Most of the experts are likely counting sheep at this time in EU. I’m “assuming” this is most likely what they would have you try first.

Don’t copy the item_28 portion.

Yup, read that thread, but he had no “all leds on” fenomemon…

I guess I´ll have to sleep it over and hope for the best for tomorrow, maybe having a freshly rested mind and a bigger dose of patience will help.

Try to post as much info as you can before you take off. Ex. What type of power supply, pics of soldering points, did you do voltage checks on the build guide?..

That way someone can help you diagnose the problem better.

Check that your chips are in the right places ,that was my problem . I had lights but no sound too as soon as I replaced the chips it worked . Hopefully that is your problem as it is an easy fix

Same here re: chip orientation. If the chips are correct, you’ll likely get guidance from the community tomorrow. The voltage test is useful.

This community is very helpful.

Please post a photo of your assembled board.

Find photo attached, hope it is good enough.

Checked orientation and placement of chips, seems they are ok unfortunately, it would be great to “fix” my anushri just by fliping a chip around!

I have two power supplies, both center positive, one is 12v, the other, is a universal one, set on 8.4v, tried both, same behavior, all leds light up, nothing else happens.

FYI I checked the power distribution voltages as per the troubleshoot section, all voltages are correct.

The signal path section looks slightly above my fighting weight though…

Any help welcome!

I’ve read that 12v isn’t suggested as the voltage regulators will get very hot. Also if it is rated 12v it could actually be higher.

Suggested is 7.5-9v, some say using 7.5v supply doesn’t sound as good as using a 9v supply.

Have you tested your power supply with a multimeter to see what it’s outputting?

Is the resistor network soldered with the correct orientation? Do you have a scope to check some digital signals?

Yes, checked and it outputs a center positive 8.4 v.

The 12v was just to check if my primary supply was wonky.

Power seems not to be the issue, I did the troubleshoot distribution voltage check and was ok.

I also checked and re-did all suspect solder points. Checked chip orientation too.

Anxiety kills me, I can´t wait to coax any sound out of my beautiful new Precious…

@Pichenettes, I don´t have a scope unfortunately, I checked the resistor network as per the instruction photo, and it is properly oriented, if you are holding it with midi/sound inputs towards your body, the resistor networks code can be read normally left to right (hope I could describe it properly!)

I think that’s right but you can check it like this :
There is a 1 and/or a dot on the side that should be near the 1 on the PCB.

Can you maybe take a picture of the backside of the board?

@shiftr +1 for underside photo

Here goes the underside photo!

A checked all solder points but any opinions are very welcome!