[SOLVED]Missing part in Midnigth edition

Hey all!
I begin to classify parts for the filter board of the midnight edition and i cant find the 10pf capacitor. Is there a way thats it is in the bag for the controlboard or kit parts are not done at the same time? No sunday soldering, i’m a bit dissapointed :stuck_out_tongue: . Which capacitors could be use between them http://www.limpulsion.fr/web/resultatRecherche.php?re=10pf&ro=0&mr=2&rn=1&vf=1&pg=1&go=OK ? (it’s the store near my me)?



So i just check and no 10pf capacitors in the others bags. So i just recheck my electronical store website and there is no 10pf in stock . Is someone would be kind enough to send me the missing part ( a 10 pf ceramic capacitor) for a payback paid via paypal? I’m in europe, france. Thanks!

Give me your address and I’ll send you one. The circuit will work without it and you can proceed with the assembly, though I recommend it to add it later.

Hey pichenettes thats a fast SAV :wink: I send you a PM, thanks for the advice though :slight_smile: Thank you !

Hey i just finished the built what a filter…Serious synth very great built thanks for all, next,for me THE 4PM i have to try to source the components now :slight_smile: .

hook, line and sinker :wink:
now it’s time to stock a bunch of each component you’ll order

Hahaha yeah i will have to order a bunch of resisotres, socket etc…
But now i find a problem with my svf. It’s seems that i cant change the mode of the filters, they always stays in lpf mode. WHen i change to hpf mode, it’s the same as if it was a lpf, the frequencies are cut above up the cutoff frequencies… Any thought where i should look at? Resonance on both filters still works i guess as the > or + mode as i hear differences. Thanks for the help.

Sorrythe first behave like a lpf and the second filter behave always like an HPF

PFFFF i forget the 6 pin connector between the two board…Now i can say this synth rocks without sounding stupid :stuck_out_tongue: