[solved] How do you connect the new programmer board to the 4-PM Shruthi?

As promised I opened a new thread.
I had the old board connected, but now I got the new one, which looks different. The problem is: I don’t know how to connec this, and I don’t even know how I could find out.
The old one was connected like on this picture here:
The filterboard is then connected to the same pins (underneath), escept for the yellow wire, which is connected directly to the IC’s leg (I think it was the overflow leg).
Now I get that I have to connect the 6 pin header coming from the digital board of the Shruthi-1 to the output_expansion_in port on the programmer (occupying the first 6 legs from the left, with the red wire on the left, which goes to the +5V on the Shruthi).

But where do I attach the filter board? Does it go to the programmer’s output_expansion_out? With the red on the left side and the rest arranged in the same way as the connection to the digital board?

Well I guess I’ll just try it out and let you know if it works… Hoping that I won’t break anything…

the worst thingthat could happen is your shruthi wont boot correct, please switch it off immediately then. i just returned from a fair trip to hamburg, ill make a bana chart for you tomorrow…

ok no need. I interpreted the schematics correctly and it’s now finally working! Thanks a lot for your kind help!

I have a bit older XT programmer, and now I am building a 4-pole. So, how do you connect it to Frank’s device? It would be nice to get all the pots and a 4-pole working together!

do you mean 4-pole or 4-pole mission?

You need to chain the 595s from together, the Data Flows DigitalBoard->Programmer->FilterBoard.

You can fork all Wires from the Expansion Port except for the Data Wire Q7’. Here you need to connect the Programmers 595 Q7’ Data Overflow to the FilterBoards 595 Input so you need to connect Pin 9 (Q7’) from the Programmers 595 to Pin 14 (DS) of the Filter Boards 595 (you can also wire it to the Filter Boards Q7’ Pin on the Output Expansion Connector)

I mean white “The Thing”-one. Um. I need to read Frank’s post 56852 times slowly, perhaps I get it eventually.

…and I found this text from Olivier:" In addition, it is not possible to use simultaneously the 4-Pole Mission filter board and the Programmer since they will be both accessing at the same time the digital extension port."

So, not possible?

Not possible with the old version of the programmer, possible with the new one which can pipe the shift register data to the filter board.

Frank, which one I have? :slight_smile:

if you recently bought it you shouldn’t have a problem. I’m happily running a 4-Pole Mission (the thing one) and it works like a charm.

you have the old one… but its still possible - please be patient ill draw a banana chart sometime next week i’m off to the years most important fair…

What about selecting filter modes with the 4PM when using the programmer?

Use the 2nd Filter Page.

No problem Frank, I’m off to Vienna shortly anyway, haven’t any time for a week or so. Happy fairing :slight_smile:

i had a lot of noise before i figured out the 595s have to be chained
now works perfecly
thanks Frank
here some pictures :

Creative way of doing this - thats why the programmer has a whole replicated Expansion Output Port…