(SOLVED) HELP! pops, clicks and fainted distorted audio

please make a recording (uncompressed!) and post it here.

LED blinking is ok. when you press a note there’s better things to do with the CPU than making a LED blink.

Yeah i figured. The other LEDs remain solid though…

Gotta go to work…To be continued

OK, i have some time at the weekend so please:

Make a recording playing some presets thru the filter board at different volumes and a HiRes Pic from the Front and the Backside. Without that any attempt to solve your problem is shooting for a mouse in dense Fog with Caliber .22 . . . . no chance :wink:

Merci!, i will gladly do all of this when i get home from work tonight or tommorow.

Check. Then we have a good chance to nail it down…

hey Luap, your osc trick works.

I still get the pop and distortion, but i hear the osc loud and clear.

WOOHOO! im on my way to shruthi awesomeness.

I think it was bad soldering points, spent the day reviewing all the filter board, spotted some funky looking joints.

Thank you all!

Just need some tuning now (and enclosure), amazing sound!

Will try to fix my LCD problem now, it comes and go (when repowered)

Yo Nico, try to resolder the GND connection from the LCD Trimpot - solves 4 out of 5 problems with displays…

It worked buddy! thanks!..

Not only did it work, it also fixed a filter tracking problem i had… i have no idea how that’s related though.

5/6 solved

but if that one fixed something with filter tracking theres another cold soldering joint somewhere…

i don’t know? sounds fine to me…

but you might be right, the filter sounds a little weak now.

will try to build a case today…

decent solder and a good iron go a long way toward preventing cold joints. make sure the iron tip is in good nick…

Everything works, no case yet, but really happy with the results!

Merry Xmas to all!