(SOLVED) getting a weird drone noise when using Midipal

I am getting a weird drone noise when I use the arpeggio app on the Midipal :frowning: …The noise sounds like when your ears ring from being at a LOUD metal show, but at a lower pitch…The pitch is constant and has nothing to do with what notes I play…

My setup is MIDI Keyboard to Ensoniq ASR-10 to Kenton MIDI thru box to MIDIPAL to Ensoniq ESQ-1 …I am using the ASR-10 as the master clock and sequencer and slaving the ESQ-1 to it…All of the midi connections are correct and I have not had any issues before introducing the Midipal into my setup…

…I don’t get this noise until I use the arpeggio app…I also tried testing the Midipal in between my MIDI Keyboard and ASR-10 to play arpeggios on an ASR-10 instrument and it works just fine with no noise…

…Anyone know how to fix this issue? …Should I have the Midipal connected differently???

It was the ESQ-1’s internal sequencer! …can’t believe I didn’t realize that :confused: …haaha …anyways, thanks again pichenettes! …my ESQ-1 is on asskick now!

O, and, once I hit start on the ASR-10’s sequencer the noise starts…even without playing any notes

hmmmm, maybe!? …I’ll have to make sure that a blank sequence is selected to check (didn’t sound like any kind of sequence tho)…I will investigate more after work…Unfortunately, I have been working the whole time since I got the MIDIpal so I have only spent about 30 mins with it.

No, the pitch is the same no matter what I play (and is different than the notes)…Also tried playing all of the octaves on the keyboard as well as adjusting the octaves of the arpeggios on the Midipal.

The MIDIpal does not emit sound and MIDI is designed to prevent electrical interferences between devices ; so it must be sending some note or MIDI message the ESQ-1 doesn’t like.

One thing that comes to my mind is that the MIDIpal arp sends start/stop and clock messages when it generates its own clock. Could this have triggered the ESQ-1 built-in sequencer?

Is the pitch of this sound dependent on what you play? Maybe the MIDIpal is generating a high pitched note that the ESQ1 can’t play?