(solved) Filter doesn't work as expected

Hello, I assembled the shruthi yesterday. the digital board is working in all aspects.
the analog board does have audio output, but the filter does behave strange.
the cut off seems not to work correct. it is full open or completely closed. when i change the value in the display below 50
its closing and i only hear a plopp sound. changing the trimmer doesn’t help.
when i change the value for resonance it seems to work. hard to tell if its working correct with a full open filter.
i have no oscilloscope to check signals. i checked for swapped postions of parts and didnt find any and it doesn’t matter if it is 2 or 4 pole filter. any idea?

Post a picture of your assembled board, in the past I have had some success with spotting bad solder joints or swapped parts on large assembly photos.

unfortunatly, i have no camera.

one bad solder joint…

Congrats audiofuzzy… welcome to the ShruthiVersum™

I’m always amazed when stuff I’ve soldered actually work…!
Glad it’s doing what it should now.