[SOLVED] Envelope attack triggering on legato

I had wanted to post this for some time, but somehow I kept forgetting about it.
Anyway: I have a little issue with the VCA env attack: for sounds that rely heavily on legato for portamento effects but need a slow attack when the note is played in staccato I have the problem that the attack of the note clicks. The problem is that the release of the previous note does not get triggered (of course) so since the attack of the following note is slow you hear a bit of a click.
I see only one way to solve the problem: set the attack to zero and increase the value via midi on the notes where the slow start is needed. Works when you arrange stuff in a sequencer, but not so handy when playing live. Does anybody have a different ideas about how to solve this?

One change that was suggested to me is not to reset the envelope level to 0 when the attack starts, but rather make it start from whatever level it was (0 if the notes are played with a lot of space between them ; less if the note are played staccato and the release has not completed its cycle).

At the moment, every time the envelope is triggered, it resets back to 0 - and this might cause a discontinuity.

+1 for the 2nd behaviour

Well if you’re considering this already then I can only say “hell yeah![](” to it) Not resetting the envelope when playing legato would be a lot better in most cases!

is this a firmware file? Shruthi-1 doesn’t seem to recognize it as such.

Try this.

oh yeah, now it works! When did you change the bootloader? I’m using the 4-PM shruthi, which is not so old…

Much better! This totally solves my problem, and makes the shruthi-1 also more playable imho. Don’t know how the others feel about it, but I think this should be in the next firmware update.

Thanks a lot Olivier!

Tried it right now and it works great! Playing an arp with the preset pwmstring (60) wouldn’t work so well without this. So, +1 for including it in the next firmware from me. :slight_smile:

+1 seems like a more natural approach to remove the discontinuity