[solved] Electric leaks/shocks

Hello !

I assembled my Anushri last week and everything works just fine and it sounds great. However, when the line out is sent to another piece of gear (another synth, sampler or a mixer), I get some electricity out of the sampler panel (the kind you get when you put your tongue on a 9V battery, but much less).

What could cause such a behaviour ?

Have you lifted the ground of any of the instruments in your studio?

I plug the line out of anushri to line in of a korg emx, which power supply has no ground (it’s an external psu). I don’t get such behaviour when I plug other gear to the emx, such as another korg box or my x0xbox.

Check the soldering of all the connectors on the Anushri’s board. Check that the ground of the two PCBs are continuous with each other. If you have another PSU or a battery, try powering the Anushri with them.

From a circuit design and grounding scheme point of view, nothing distinguishes the Anushri from the x0xb0x or another toy, so this shouldn’t happen.

So far, soldering is fine, apparently. Tonight, I’ll try another PSU and check continuity and report back.

My PSU is a 9V, 1200ma. Is the 1200ma fine ? Should it be lower ?

The synth will only use as many mA as it needs. It’s only a problem if the mA rating of your intended PSU is too small. 1200 mA is more than enough.

Thank you.

I noticed one led doesn’t work (the drum page led). I may have fried it while soldering. I’ll check this first.

I’ve just finished a Shruti (fantastic sound btw!) and it has the same problem, so I think it’s not an issue with the anushri or the shruti but rather an issue with the PSU I use (I do get those schocks when I touch the bare PSU jack). I’ll buy another one. Sorry about the noise and thank you for your kind help. You may consider this a non-issue and close the thread :slight_smile:

And please dispose the faulty PSU…

…or convert it into a taser. It seems to be trying to do that on it’s own already.

I think I’ll stick to the musical instruments DIY and let the weapons DIY to the more adventurous :wink:

BTW, a good PSU would be a nice addition to the online shop.

Anything that plugs directly into a Mains Socket is a bad Idea on any small company shop…

A suggestion or a link to a big company shop then ? :wink:

I have a bunch of these


Thanks fcd72 ! And way cheaper than the faulty PSU :-/

I can recommend this too one spot combo pack

you will need to buy some One Spot Polarity Inverters the unit is centre pin negative (for guitar stomp boxes) and MI kit needs centre Pin positive … but you can chain a multitude of shruthis/anushris from it , as it is rated at 1700mA

don’t buy it from Amazon though … look elsewhere

Looks like an excellent solution… this could power the x0xbox too, so that’s 3 synth with just one PSU.

Nope. x0x0b0x is 9VAC, Anushri is 9VDC