[solved] Dump all current patch parameters in CC/NRPN


is it possible to send all parameters of current patch to midi out ? I mind not like S6 + S3 functionnality which send a dump in a sysex message but a dump of all CC/NRPN parameters ?

My shruthi is linked with a BCR2000 and i would like to update the BCR2000 encoders with shruthi current patch.

May be is there a solution to make that in another way…

Thanks for your helps


I finally coded this feature myself :slight_smile:

If someone is interested, the code can be found here : https://github.com/r3m1m/shruthi-1

Parameters of current patch can be dumped (in cc/nrpn) in 2 ways :

  • in browse patch menu, by holding S6 + S5 buttons
  • by sendind sysex with command 0x13 (full sysex : 0xf0 0x00 0x21 0x02 0x00 0x02 0x13 0x00 0x00 0x00 0xf7)

Might be great to get this into the official firmware. Maybe you could turn this into a nice clean patch or pull request for @pichenettes to merge?