[solved/derailed] Weird filter response : inverted cutoff and resonance?

Hello Shrutizens,

I’m currently working on adding a Polivoks filter in parallel to my awesome but so far SMR-only Wasp XT™ Shruthi.

Apart from minor issues with phisical switches I’m facing something really unexpected :
I tested the two filters separately and they are ok but when tweaking the parameters I realized that “cut” seems to control resonance and conversely, “res” seem to affect cutoff, on both of them
Could it be that I messed up the wiring between the filters and the digital board (since i’m not using the standard connector to stack the boards anymore) ?
If so, which ones should I look at ?

Thx in advance

Any ideas anyone ?

Looks like a wiring problem indeed!

Big chance that you reversed 2 wires in the connector. That would explain what you notice

Alright then !

What pins are used for cutoff and resonance on the boards ?

They are labeled F for Cutoff and Q for Resonance

Obviously they were inverted : that what’s happening where you’re using pale red and pinkish red wires together while being slightly color blind…

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