[Solved]assembling the SMR4 and destroying the IC1 LT1054

Hi there,

Did I burned the IC1 LT1054 if ive soldered it directly to the board (without its support) ???

I’m checking the power supply and nothing works, i’m pretty sure ive burnt this component.

What do you think?




Some more information?
you have the chip soldered to the contrary?
you can post a picture of the card?

I ve soldered it the right way, its just that i didnt put the little thing that goes underneath…

you can see it here http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/8782/photodu74471176012041.jpg

not have voltage on both branches? both positive and negative?
the +5 V should have it anyway …
unless you put in a few short welding …

do you know how irritating a mirrored pic is at the first view?
component orientation seems to be alright.
have you checked you didn’t confuse the two Vregs?
you have a multimeter? where do the voltages end?

Even with a fried LT1054 the positive rail should at least be there.

If you don’t even get the +5V I suspect that the problem is either with your switch, or with the polarity of your power supply.


thanks for your help, i think im just stupid since the problem was the polarity of the power supply…