[SOLVED] Anushri Finished But Non Working!

I have complete the anushri and i open the power but i don’t see something or any light to work!
Why guys can someone help?

i have a dc power adapter with 9 volt and 600mA?

Look for “Power distribution” in the build instructions

Do you get correct measurements? If not, at which point is there anything wrong?

i will check now!

and i will put photos

Is your power adapter’s polarity centre positive?

is like this -(o+

At the Power distribution the point 2 has 9.34v and the point 3 has - 0.15v why?

Have you checked the polarity of C56? Is the LT1054 correctly oriented?

C56 polarity is ok!

Check that the 7805 and 7905 aren’t swapped, check correct orientation of all polarized caps. The photos will also help.

i will sent photos to look in some minutes please

the 7805 and 7905 its ok!







The soldering on the 2x8 connector directly below the audio out jacks looks quite dodgy, can you please check (after uploading the other photo’s) solder work there?

Please check the top left corner 2x8 connector as well :slight_smile: