[SOLVED] Ambika: voice allocation bug(s)


I noticed that in polyphonic parts, sometimes voices are stolen although they shouldn’t be. I managed to isolate a reproductible case. For example, in a six-voice part in poly mode:

1. Hold a note
2. While it’s held, play successively 6 different notes
3. Release everything
4. Repeat the same pattern

The second time, the held note is “cut” when the sixth note is played. Note that the same bug happens consistently when the number of voices is reduced (e.g. in a 5-voice, the held note will be cut with the fifth note, in a 4-voice, with the fourth, and so on). It’s even worst in cyclic mode : you encounter the problem each time, without having to repeat the pattern.

PS: I’ve read different topics about voice allocation problems and saw a recent fix on github which seems related, but unfortunately I cannot test it right now. I’m opening a new topic about the firmware update.

Ok, I’ve just updated the firmware with the last fix (“Attempt to fix stefanovic’s bug”, 5 Dec 2014) and the bug is gone !

In case other people want to grab the latest firmware file for Ambika, here it is!

(rename AMBIKA.BIN and copy to the root of the SD card).