SOLVED 2 out of 6 Ambika cards sound funny

2 4p voicecards sound weird when playing the ambika. They sound like a thump, having a different sound and no sustain. If this was a piano, I would have thought that there was something hidden in it right over those keys!

They are the bottom two leds on the mobo, both stacked on the left-most part of the Ambika.

Any ideas why this happens? I did not mess with any settings apart from putting all voices together in one multi.

  • Audio recordings help!
  • Are the A/B jumpers correctly set?
  • Have you tried putting the offending voicecard in another slot? (to figure out whether the problem comes from the voicecard or the audio output circuitry)

So, this is what I did.

I checked through the individual voice outs from the two funky voice cards. Upon playing through them, I noticed that 2 notes could be heard through one voice card audio out, one of them louder (the output´s voice) and one fainter (the other voice card on the same stack). Do you see where this is headed?

Indeed. The top-most voice card´s solder stubs were touching the bottom voice card´s polystyrene caps top lead!

After disassembling the case, and some solder pruning and snipping, put everything back together, and tested, Voila!

Clear as a whistle!

So, to anybody putting an Ambika together I say: Cut your parts solder leads short on the voice cards and try and get the shortest possible poly caps, and check that no components touch between them when doing the final mechanical assembly!