[SOLVED] 1.5V on all voltage check points


I’m hoping that someone can help me out. Just finishing my Ambika motherboard build and testing voltages. I seem to be getting 1.5V on all the testing points equally. I’m hoping that I’m doing this right, holding the black testing pole against the side of the power input jack (GND) and the red pole against the testing points.

Furthermore, when I test the power supply it reads 10.33V. Once I plug it into the Ambika and try to measure between the back and side of the power input jack I get around 3V only.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance. :raised_hands:


  1. I had my multimeter set to AC mode, it needs to measure DC on the board.
  2. I needed to use a different GND, not the one from the power input jack. I ended up using GND on one of the audio jacks.

It’s alive !

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