Soldering music!


Are you like me : do you think the weldings are most successful if you listen music ?
My Anushri will work perfectly because i use Rone music :slight_smile:
What’s your favorite soldering music !?

Never ever used “soldering music” so far, but I have a whole bunch of stuff to solder (two monome arc4’s with 512 0603 LEDs (+ more) each) and might just try it out.

I generally find soundscape/ambient music very relaxing when doing work. More hectic stuff seems to take too much attention to listen to when I have to concentrate on something.

Carbon based lifeforms is great for soldering… :slight_smile:

Not music but I play Arrested Development in the background while doing busy work all the time.

@TheSlowGrowth :two monome arc4’s with 512 0603 LEDs you will need coffee , no music !

I did not know “Carbon based lifeforms”, i’ll try it.

@audiohoarder : do you have two brains ? One for soldering and one to watch vidéo ![](?? Impossible for me to do that ) :slight_smile:

Carbon Based Lifeforms is good music. Nice guys too, they did like beer :slight_smile: I saw them live at the Norberg Festival back in 2012 and it was kick-ass.

Seems it’s either the ambient/slow mix of CBL, üNN, The Sight Below, Tycho, BoC and such like, or some random older-school Tech-House à la The Timewriter, Terry Lee Brown JR etc. I don’t do shuffling or V-neck Tee-shirts (see MixMag).

Sometimes you gotta stress it up a bit: Poly-rhythmic, faster stuff like Ken Ishii works nicely.

@Lucchio I never got the hang on coffee… It smells tasty but I hate how it actually tastes… I prefer sleeping when I get really tired :slight_smile:

@Lucchio: I don’t watch the screen, it is more like a radio drama that way. :slight_smile:
I’ve seen it too many times to care about the image.

For what it’s worth - so much of Arrested Development was how good the writing was (i.e. dialogue). In that sense, you almost don’t need to watch it to get the majority of the jokes. Such a great show. “and that’s why you don’t use a one-armed man to teach someone a lesson!”

One thing I really love to listen to when I work (not only soldering) is the synth demos from that strange guy:
I especially love his Blofeld sound trip, it’s not only a superb synthesizer demo but it also tells a vague story and features simple but amazing footage!

I prefer early EinstĂĽrzende Neubauten to get into the right mood (i.e. breathe in lead fumes, get frustrated over defunct electronics and destroy things in general).

Wow interesting and amazing set on live vidéo … !
I do not know many German group exept Glashaus , great great voice and suitable for soldering :slight_smile:

Currently Soldering

+10 for Silje !

@fcd72 : "Sorry! Dieses Video darf in deinem Land nicht angezeigt werden"
I think it means: you have to live in Germany to watch Silje !
And as it is too far from my home :slight_smile: :
NIce cover btw

Silje Nergaard

Try This

@fcd Your link : Playmates XMAS Fotoshooting - PETA , nice and interesting reportage :slight_smile:

on my internet its Thomas Dolby - you must be inhabiting a bit more morally flexible corner of this planet

@fcd Yes it’s funny but i’ve really this vidéo
You are the best in thread derailment, even you do not want to do that : :slight_smile:

A screen shot :