Soldering Iron glows red hot

My 3 months old soldering station goes right up to 550 C even if i set it to 300 C.

I already tried a new tip but that doesn’t help. Is there something to do about it or is it just broken?

New tip - Is that the actual heating element you replaced, or just the soldering iron tip?
EDIT- Also, is the (adjustement)pot actually connected/working ?

Just the tip… It’s a digital one

The famous fcd72-981

Could there be something wrong with the heat sensor so it thinks the tip is still cold…?

Seems like the data from the temperature sensor is not getting to the central unit. Try removing and reconnecting the connector in case it’s just a bad contact. If not, try replacing the soldering iron itself (‘Ersatzlötkolben’). You can get it from Reichelt, cost is about 10 Euro.

we had a soldering iron at work that had a loose contact in the cable from the station to the iron.
The model we had started to beep and showed “—” instead of the temperature. but I’m not sure all models have this safety feature.

We want pictures of you in the dark with a red glowing soldering iron!


I have no issues here - i have a spare Handset if this saves your next week… Else just send it back to Reichelt, they will happily (i doubt but i dont care) replace it.

It’s red and hot…

That looks like a milder version of my 110v soldering iron plugged into a 220v socket… :smiley:
(The 220v to 110v converter that I bought doesn’t deliver enough juice, and I’m not willing to spend more money on a ridiculous project… Might as well get a proper hot air station then…)

Cool. 981 Volca :wink:

holy shit, never seen one get that hot before…

I told you, its powerfull…

problem resolved shiftr?

No… Filled in some forms on the reichelt site but haven’t heard from them.
In the meanwhile i soldered the sonic potions drum synth with my good old ersa 25w bolt.

@shiftr I reread your original post, do you mean the ‘set’ display reads 300C and the ‘temp’ display actually shows 550? In that case the sensor in the tip is sending the correct data to the central unit. Which means that getting a new Lötkolben for it probably won’t fix the problem, it looks like the central unit is faulty. I second fcd72’s idea of returning it to reichelt. They can still use it to heat their warehouse during winter.

exactly… i set it to 300 and then it heats up very fast (looks like even faster then normal) to 550 and then it says error… After that it seems to heat up even more.

reichelt site was actually a bit of a pain in the @$$ to get my problem filed. Ik kept returning errors.

For this case its easiest to give them a Call - they all speak english without problem.

I’ll do that if i don’t hear from them today…

If you have problems, send me a copy of the invoice, ill kick their ass…