Soldering IC's (Shruthi)

Is it ‘safe’ to solder IC’s directly to the PCB?

Against what kind of risk/danger?

You won’t be protected against assembly mistake (putting the IC with the wrong orientation), and it’ll be harder to replace the IC…

It is much wiser to use sockets, as some IC are really sensitive to heat. And as pichenettes already stated, desoldering wrecked ICs without proper equipment is extremely painful.

Thanks :slight_smile:

My reason for not using the sockets, was so that I could clearly see if there was an issue with a solder point, but I can see how it would be a pain if an IC goes wrong and it needs desoldering!

I’ll stick with the sockets then, but I intend to raise them slightly off the PCB so I can see any potential issue…I already applied that principle to a few components on my latest Shruthi build>>>I’ll post a pic in a minute

Soldering direct is for people who enjoy desoldering.

If you don’t like normal sockets you can go deluxe and use zif sockets. But they don’t always fit in the space of a normal socket.

I decided to raise most of the components off the PCB, I did this so I can see every solder point for any issues…I am confident my fourth Shruthi is going to be a winner, with no issues :smiley:

That’s a very strange idea. I fear that the force exerted on the socket when inserting the IC might bend some pins.

It’s enough if the solder joint looks good on the back of the board (the hole is platted, and will be filled with solder).

I’m a very strange person :slight_smile: but my logic is sound, on previous builds the solder didn’t flow well enough to make a good contact on both sides of the PCB and in some cases flew too well and caused shorts under the socket…I checked the IC’s and they slip into the sockets fine :wink:

Now I can clearly see areas that are soldered correctly, giving me peace of mind.

Maybe there’s something wrong with your soldering technique then? Soldering iron temperature is too low? Fancy RoHS solder requiring a very high temperature?

To me raising the sockets looks like the wrong solution to the wrong problem.

“Maybe there’s something wrong with your soldering technique then?”

There is no maybe about it, demonstrable by looking at my previous Shruthi builds :smiley:

Adam I thinkpichenettes is trying to save you more aggravation in future builds by tackling the root of the problem. It may be something as simple as the tip of your soldering iron being dirty- this was what I found on my last build when the solder stopped flowing properly.

I’m all for unconventional work-around solutions, but AT some point you should mest domen who can teach you the right technique; at least if you plan to do this more. When building my first Shruthi, I made a lot of mistakes due to lack of proper soldering technique, but after some practice I got the hang of it. However, it is hard to find the right way of doing it through reading instructions pr even watching instruction videos, so… find someone, is my advice. And good luck :slight_smile:

Mest domen = find someone. /$&* new smartphone

Thanks guys :slight_smile: I have improved my soldering a little since starting with the Shruthi’s…I have a long way to go to get competent though!

Seriously— soldering technique isn’t something you learn over a year— someone can show you how to do it— a few minutes of practice later and you should be pretty damned good

(at least for all the basic through hole stuff)

Strip board is good for practicing as you can see the flow of the solder more clearly.